About Us


Provides high quality hair care products and systems that allow curl wearers of all textures to have healthy, moisturized scalps and silky, tamed, full of life curls without the dryness, damage, irritation and fuss that many products for natural curls cause.

Our curly crowns are our calling cards. When our crowns are dry, brittle, damaged, irritated, and lack life and moisture, it affects our entire person and mood. When we can’t find the products that bring life back to our curls without causing further damage, the quest for restoring our curls becomes challenging. In addition, products currently on the market often further irritate the scalp, weighs down the hair or do not penetrate enough to be effective.

Maintaining the health, life and happiness of curls is a number one goal of Silk By Andrea D. By ensuring that each of our products are formulated with the best ingredients for healing, health, restoration and moisture for natural hair, we not only heal, improve and enrich curly crowns, but we enrich and improve lives.